Here’s How to Open Electric Gates Manually

Here’s How to Open Electric Gates Manually

How to Open Electric Gates Manually

Need to open your automatic gates but the power is out? With these simple steps in how to open electric gates manually, you won’t need to worry about your gates not working during a power outage ever again! 

Although many homeowners tend to think that manually opening automatic gates is a complex process, it turns out that it’s fairly easy to do. By following these steps, you’ll be able to open and close your gates whenever you need to. 

Not only will you be able to manually operate your gates, but you can also be sure that no harm will be done to your openers as well. 

Easy Steps in How to Open Electric Gates Manually

Not being able to use your automatic gates can be a dreadful situation, especially if you’re in a hurry. Whenever there are a power cut and your gates aren’t doing their job, then it’s time to open manually. 

Unlocking your electric gate can be much easier done than said. However, bear in mind that there are different types of gate openers, and each may count on their variation of the process. For this reason, we’ll go over the overall steps of manually opening an automatic gate. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that a power outage is the culprit behind unresponsive automatic gates, rather than a fault remote control.

Generally speaking, every electric gate comes with its own manual release gate key, handle, or lever. This key allows you to unlock the gate from its automatic function. Bear in mind that if you don’t use this key and try to forcefully open your gate, there’s a great chance that you might damage your opener.

Now, there are four ways in how to open a gate when the power is out. These methods vary on the type of automatic gate you have. Let’s go over each of these mechanisms:

Manually Opening Medium Size Automatic Swing Gates

As stated beforehand, when manually opening your electric gate, you’ll need to first find your release key.

You’ll use this key to open your gate’s motor, which you can find attached to the inner side of the gate. In most cases, the motor will count on a cap that’ll cover the key’s hole. Lift the cap and insert the key to unlock the motor. 

Then, you’ll be able to see the round valve. Turn the handle all the way to release the gates hydraulics. After that, you can now easily push your gate open. If you have a dual swing gate and feel you need to open both sides, you’ll need to repeat the process for the other side’s motor.

After successfully manually opening and closing your gate, you’ll want to close the valve again and lock your motor. That way, when the power’s back, your gate will be able to operate automatically again. 

Also, you can check if your gate is on the automatic mode by trying to move it after locking it. If it doesn’t budge after locking it, then it means that you successfully engaged it to the motor.

Manually Opening Large Size Electric Swing Gates

Large electric gates are quite common for neighborhoods. That’s why people must know how to manually operate big electric gates as well. Not only will you save yourself from trouble, but you might also help a neighbor out as well!

When counting on a much larger swing gate, then it’s likely that your gate’s motor is much larger as well. These gate motors tend to stand out more in comparison to medium size gate motors. 

Because a lot of people use these gates on a daily basis, it’s very likely that you won’t need a release key since they remain unlocked.

Usually, on top of the gate’s motor, you’ll find a plastic cover with a thumbscrew. You’ll want to loosen up the screw for you to lift the plastic cover. Then, you’ll find a handle. Pull the lever to release the drive shaft’s pressure. By releasing the pressure, you can move the gate freely without harming the motor’s shaft.

You can now manually close and open the door. If you’re having a little bit of trouble opening the gate, feel free to pull the gate’s arm to move the pivot bolt.  

Electric Sliding Gate Manual Override

Additionally, we have the situation in which we may count on an automatic sliding gate that needs a manual override. 

Just like a medium-size swinging gate, a sliding gate comes with its own release key. However, slidings gates count on a different and much larger motor. 

First, locate the lock in your sliding gate motor. In most cases, this lock is placed on the bottom right side. After knowing where the lock is, insert the release key and turn it. This will allow the knob to turn and release the gate from its automatic functions.

Turn the knob clockwise all the way. You may now slide your gate open. To return the gate to its automatic function, simply turn the knob counterclockwise and lock it. 

Other electric sliding gates, such as the ATA Neoslider Gate Motor, only need you to open the door that’s in the motor to enable the manual override.

Manually Overriding Sliding Gates with an Allen Key

Lastly, there will be cases in which instead of a normal key, you’ll need to use an Allen key to manually open your electric gate. 

First, you’ll want to open the motor’s external door. Then, remove the cap from the motor, insert the clutch release, and tighten it. After that, use your Allen key and start turning it. This will allow your sliding gate to slowly start opening.

Remember that electric gates that open with Allen keys take much more time and effort. After fully opening or closing your gate, remember to re-engage it to its automatic function by removing the clutch release and placing the cap again to the motor.

Now that you know the basics of how to open electric gates manually, you won’t ever need to worry about power outages! If you find this article interesting, we invite you to read our article which talks about electric gates that keep opening and closing!

Always keep in mind to check your gate’s manual to know exactly what your gate needs for a manual override. Also, if you’re unable to open your gate, then be sure to contact an expert technician to help you out!