Residential Gate Repair Houston

We are Houston’s’ Premier Gate Repair Company. Servicing both residential driveway gates, and pedestrian walk through gates. We offer affordable service you can depend on. Don’t ever be stuck in or outside your gate again. We repair, service, and fabricate all types of gates for your driveway.

Driveway Gate Repair Includes:

  • Wrought Iron Metal Repair
  • Post Reset
  • Gate Rehang
  • Hinge Replacement/Adjustment
  • Rust Removal
  • Primer & Painting
  • Fabricating Strike Plates
  • Replacing Picket Toppers
  • Welding Services

Would you like to add a new driveway gate to the front of your home?

New Dual Swing Entry Gate in River Oaks

Adding a driveway gate is one of the best solutions to add privacy and security to your home. We specialize in fabricating new driveway gates. We have the ability to fabricate any style of gate you can think of. Single swing gates, dual french gates, residential sliding gates. There are many different sizes and styles. We recommend allowing us to visit your home, so we can discuss all of the options to create your specific driveway gate.