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Gate Service Pros offers affordable, fast, accurate, and reliable residential gate repair in Houston TX.

Before going over dozens and dozens of pages, you should know that this is the best offer (quality/price) you’ll find for driveway gate repair.

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You’ll get the support of highly knowledgeable, certified & respectful technicians that will take care of your automatic driveway gate.

Trusting Gate Service Pros means that your gates will stay working efficiently and looking awesome every passing day.

Now let’s see why we’re trustworthy to take care of such a vital area of your home and life.

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How to Know if You Need House Gate Repair in Houston TX?

New Dual Swing Entry Gate in River Oaks

Is your motorized driveway gate stuck, is the opener broken, or do you need an upgrade of an automatic gate? Is the answer: “Yes” to one or two of these questions?

If that is so, you need to work with Gate Service Pros for first-rate, custom, prompt & affordable gate repair in Houston TX.

We can help you with gate repair, maintenance, and installation services.

Gate Service Pros will make sure you go in and out of your house, that your home stays safe, and that your place looks great with our entrance gate solutions.

When it comes to complicated systems like a motorized entrance gate, it is better to take care of them immediately before they stop working altogether.

So, below we will mention some of the typical automatic gate problems that require a skilled technician to fix them:

  • When the driveway gate opens or closes, it is slamming against the post.
  • The chain is very loose.
  • Your automatic gate is making loud and weird noises like grinding, squeaking, etc.
  • The gate won’t open or close all the way.
  • Your electric driveway gate is moving slower than it used to.
  • Your remote control is in bad condition.
  • The track of the gate (sliding gates) is worn, or it is dirty with small stones, debris, or any other thing that might be obstructing the free movement of your entrance gate.

With their many moving parts and how they operate together, you must have access to a reliable gate service company if something goes wrong.

A motorized gate can stop working or underperform over time, so we recommend that you have your gate serviced at least once a year.

For These Problems We Offer the Following Driveway Gate Repairs:

  • Wrought Iron Metal Repair
  • Post Reset
  • Gate Rehanging
  • Fabricating Strike Plates
  • Replacing Picket Toppers
  • Gate Welding Services
  • Houston Electrical Gate Motor Repairs
  • Electric Gate Hinge Welding Repairs
  • Hinge Replacement/Adjustment
  • Rust Removal
  • Primer & Painting
  • Motorized Gate Hinge Repairs
  • Electric Security Gate Repairs
  • Electric Gate Wheels Repairs

Indeed, our many years of experience, high-quality work, and the best replacement parts and gate hardware make us the ideal gate repair company near Houston TX.

You depend on your driveway gates to provide safety and security at your home. They are also great for enhancing your home curb appeal and increasing its value.

Premier Houston Electric Gate Repair of Hardware and Accessories

We offer repair services to an array of different types of gate operating systems. We can repair sliding gate openers, swing gate openers, single and double gate openers, and some other common electric gate opener systems.

We know that when a motorized gate stops working, it doesn’t mean that the entire system has gone down.

Natural wear and tear from daily use and the nature elements can make some small moving parts in your motorized gate to malfunction.

So, what we are saying is that sometimes all that you need for your gate to start working again is to repair one of the smaller components. That will save you time, money, and inconveniences when compared to repairing or replacing the entire gate system.

One of the best things about working with Gate Service Pros is that we work with the best manufacturing brands to get genuine replacement parts at the best price.

Besides, we have the support of a highly qualified team. They have excellent attention to detail, which ensures that every job is completed with precision.

Our knowledgeable technicians will come and access your motorized system and find the problem. We repair it right away when possible. If not, what we do is to book another visit that fits your schedule to come and complete your residential gate repair in Houston TX.

Need Reliable Automatic Gate Repair Services? Call us!

Gate Service Pros has more than 30 years of experience as a residential gate repair company.

We service driveway gates, electric gates, gate openers, wrought iron gates, access controls, and much more.

Don’t ever be stuck outside or locked inside your gate again. 

Our automatic gate systems provide clients with easy access and security, without the hassle of getting out of your car to open a fenced gate. 

No matter how bad your gate is, our driveway gate specialists in Houston are ready to fix it and leave like new.

We provide routine maintenance of your gates; repairing broken components and installing new gates.

You can always depend on Gate Service Pros to deliver a fast yet effective service. With same-day service and 24-hour availability for emergencies seven days a week, you’ll always have our technicians on the other end of the line when you need us most.

So, when you need fast, reliable, and affordable residential gate repair in Houston TX, you should call Gate Service Pros at (281) 247-3071.