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Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates. A sliding gate requires less space, which allows the full length of the driveway to be used for parking vehicles. It also offers higher security due to the stronger resistance to being pushed open than swing gates. Sliding gates will also work on an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not be able to open inward.

Sliding Gate Repair

Custom 35′ Commercial Slide Gate

Two of the Most Common Types of Slide Gates in Houston TX

V-Track Slide Gates

Slide gates can be installed in a couple of different applications. The first is know as v-track style. This requires the use of rollers on the bottom of the gate that rolls along the top of a v-track that is secured to the concrete throughout the entire distance of the opening. There are also support posts installed which are fitted with vertical guide rollers to keep the gate straight as it opens and closes. If there is not a concrete driveway to install the v-track on, a concrete foundation pad can be poured for the proper installation of the track.

V-Track Style

Cantilever Gate

Cantilever Slide Gates

Slide gates can also be fabricated and designed to utilize a cantilever style system. In the cantilever style system, the gate is suspended off the ground with the use of horizontal v-groove rollers for the gate to slide on. These v-groove rollers are retrofitted onto additional support posts placed at the front and back of the gate. Most, but not all, slide gates will tend to have a additional “tail” section added to the end of the gate. The purpose of the tail section is to help keep the gate straight when it reaches its desired closed position. The tail section also needs to be attached to the chain bolt so the chain of the operator can pass through the sprocket properly. 

Our Sliding Gate Repair, Service, & New Installation Includes:

  • New Fabricated Slide Gate (any size)
  • Track Repair/Replacement
  • Concrete Removal & Concrete Pouring
  • Guide Roller Repair
  • Wrought Iron Metal Repair
  • Primer & Painting
  • Preventative Maintenance & Lubrication
  • Post Repair & Replacement

Our Gates Slide Open at the Push of a Button

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Get Our Slide Gates in Houston TX: Enjoy All the 5 Benefits They Bring to Your Life

1.     Your Convenience will Be Like Never Before!

We want to list convenience at the top of the benefits of our slide gates in Houston TX. The reason is simple. Our slide gates boost your convenience overnight.

Having a sliding gate will allow you to enter your property without having to get out of the car (as you would if you had a manual gate). This is an obvious advantage at night or during adverse weather conditions.

Our automatic slide gates are easy to use. At the push of a button, you’ll open or close your gate at will.

2.     Our Slide Gates will Keep Your Home Secure

 As with all automated gate options we offer, when comparing them to manual gates, our sliding gates are much more secure.

We make sure to use the latest technology when installing slide gates in Houston TX.

Our sliding gates offer exceptional security due to integrated safety beams, innovative automatic locking technology, and heavy-duty latch posts.

So, your home will be safe at all times, and you’ll sleep tight like a baby. And once you leave your home, you’ll not be worried about your belonging, pets, and everything you leave behind.

3.     Our Gates will Boost the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Our sliding gates can make your home exterior look more beautiful. We offer classic and modern designs, too.

We use metal, wood, and other materials to build your gate. And thanks to our variety in styles, you’ll find the sliding gate style that fits your home style the best.

4.     Don’t You Have enough Space? Our Sliding Gates Are Perfect

Woman in Car Using Remote Control to Open Gate when Arriving Home

When you choose to install our sliding gates, you need a small amount of space in front and behind the gate. Our sliding gates open horizontally, which means that you can use the newly available space for parking or even to plant flower beds to liven up your home’s exterior.

The same can’t be said about swing gates. Swing gates will swing inwards or outwards, requiring a lot of space.

5.     Our Sliding Gates Are Ideal if Your Home Entrance Is Located in a Steep Slope

If you have a steep driveway, then a sliding gate is a perfect solution because it will not need to move against the steep gradient. On the other hand, with a swinging gate it can be a nightmare trying to engineer a solution where the gate can swing open in a way that does not collide with the ground.

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