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Do you want stylish, functional, and secure residential swing gates? Look no further.

Gate Service Pros offers exceptional installation and repair of swing gates in Houston TX.

The best news of working with us is that you’ll get the support of highly knowledgeable, certified & respectful technicians that will take care of your automatic swinging gate.

Trusting Gate Service Pros means that your gates will stay working efficiently and looking awesome every passing day.

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If you still don’t think that a swing gate is perfect for your home, then you’re more than welcome to continue reading. We’ll convince you. Then, you’ll call us to install a new driveway swinging gate in your home.

Top Benefits of Installing Swing Gates in Your Home!

Swing gates are the most common style of residential gates. A swing gate can be installed to swing in either direction, toward your home, or away from your home.

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when deciding on which direction you would like your gate to open. If you would like more available space behind your gate, then having it open away from your home is the right option.

If your gate is near a street or sidewalk, then swinging it toward your home would be the best scenario.

Swing gates can be of single swing, and they can measure up to 16 feet in length. When you exceed more than 16 feet, it is highly recommended to have a dual-swing gate. Very similar to French doors, this type of swing gate opens both sides simultaneously, allowing for a much wider space to enter through.

This Is What You Get when Installing Our Swing Gates in Your Home!

Getting our swing gates in Houston TX is a great decision. Below, we list the reasons why this benefits your home.

  • They are low installation and maintenance cost
  • Easy to install for an expert like us
  • Swinging gates will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard
  • They add appeal and a veneer of luxury to your home
  • You can choose the style of your swing gate from a wide range of options
  • We can install access control systems to increase your convenience
  • Total security for all kinds of properties
  • Typically, they are cheaper than sliding gates

You can install swing gates in the style that better fits your fence and home design. And remember, we have the skills, knowledge, talent & experience to bring to life any unique idea you have in mind.

Our Swing Gate Installation & Repair in Houston TX includes:

  • Post Reset with New Concrete
  • Gate Rehang
  • Hinge Adjustment/Replacement
  • Wrought Iron/Metal Repair
  • Rust Removal
  • Primer & Painting
  • Lubrication of Hinges
  • Fabrication of New Swing Gate(s)

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Adding a swing gate to your home can boost its curb appeal and its security.

The swing gates we install in Houston TX are manufactured from the highest quality materials by skilled technicians and are welded with reinforcing corner gussets for unparalleled strength and durability.

If you are interested in either adding or repairing an existing swing gate, please give us a call. We would love to speak with you. You can tell us your questions, concerns, and dreams. We’ll make your dreams real with our stylish, modern & secure swing gates. 

These Are the Types of Gates We Install & Repair:

  1. Standard Gates
  • Single Swing Walk Gates
  • Double Swing Drive Gates
  1. Arched Gates
  • Single Swing Walk Gates
  • Double Swing Drive Gates
  1. Single & Double Steel Estate Entry Gates
  2. Single & Double Aluminum Estate Entry Gates

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Gate Service Pros should be your top choice for quality swing gate installation and repair in Houston TX.

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Indeed, with our installation or repair services of swing gates in Houston TX, we’ll make sure to improve the security of your home and its curb appeal.